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May 27, 2008

I found nothing, not even a pair of sunglasses

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Level 20 of Mystery of Time and Space is *finally* out! *glee*

I should have some time in the near future to make a proper post. Until then, here are some useful links :)

Jay is Games and lazylaces are my favourite online gaming websites. The second is particularly heavy on “escape the room” type games (yay!). Both sites are updated regularly with new games, though if you need a fix *right now*, you can always dig through the archives. One of the best parts is that if you need help with a game posted on either site, you can ask for help in the comments.

Most games are flash-based, and will therefore run on any modern browser, on any operating system. As a Linux user who is also a gamer, this makes me very happy. On weekends, JiG mainly features downloadable games. A select few of these will run natively under Linux (mostly interactive fiction, which I’m perfectly fine with!), and I think most will run on a Mac (though to be honest, this isn’t something I’ve really paid attention to).


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