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August 2, 2008

Science fiction and reality: as long as we don’t tell you which one we are talking about, we’re OK.

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Apparently this month is “Author August” at the Science Fiction Message Board. Each day, they celebrate a different SF writer.

(To those people who will inevitably complain that so-and-so is not on the list, maybe you should go nominate someone next year. They pretty much just fill up the list as people suggest names.)

I’ll admit that I’m not familiar with many of the names on the list, but I was absolutely thrilled to see that today’s author is Vernor Vinge. I’ve been a huge fan ever since I read A Fire Upon the Deep in 2004. As an added bonus (well, to me anyway, because I find that sort of thing hot), he’s a computer scientist and a former mathematics professor at SDSU.

The full list:
8/1 Arthur C. Clarke
8/2 Vernor Vinge
8/3 Vonda McIntyre
8/4 Robert A. Heinlein
8/5 Roger Zelazny
8/6 Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
8/7 Lloyd Biggle Jr.
8/8 Elizabeth Bear
8/9 Elizabeth Moon
8/10 Edgar Rice Burroughs
8/11 H. Beam Piper
8/12 Keith Laumer
8/13 Joan D. Vinge
8/14 J.T. McIntosh
8/15 Katherine MacLean
8/16 Bruce Sterling
8/17 William Gibson
8/18 Pat Cadigan
8/19 Ursula K. Le Guin
8/20 Storm Constantine
8/21 Rosel George Brown
8/22 Ray Bradbury
8/23 Caitlin Kiernan
8/24 Tanith Lee
8/25 Peter F. Hamilton
8/26 Stanislaw Lem
8/27 Neil Gaiman
8/28 Zenna Henderson
8/29 Michael Moorcock
8/30 Jules Verne
8/31 Iain M. Banks


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  1. Thanks for posting this GGG!

    Yes, there are names that not everyone knows; names that even many of our board regulars and Admins don’t necessarily know. But that’s the fun of it all – Discovery!

    We encourage people to research and post about authors they don’t even know as well as their favorites. You might make some new favorites too!

    Comment by Dead Air — August 2, 2008 @ 22:55

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