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January 30, 2008

This is bad. This is very bad.

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I’m a big fan of interactive fiction, aka “text adventures.” They have the particularly nice feature that I can play them in my downtime at work, and not have anyone notice ;)

Recently, I stumbled across this game called 9:05 by Adam Cadre. He does host it on his own site, but I suggest playing it at the Z-machine preservation project because it’s less buggy and allows you to save/restore your game. (Note that I said “less”.. I suggest saving before you switch to another window, or even another browser tab.) Alternatively, you can download the game and play it with an interpreter.

I’m not going to say much more about the game, except that you will probably want to play it at least twice. The game play is short, but it can be tedious. If you need item X in order to do action Y, and you already have the item, many games will just let you go ahead and use it without specifying that you take it out of your pocket or whatever. This game requires you to be very explicit with your actions. (Adam says he chose to do this to slow down the pacing. The whole point is that you’re trying to get out of the house quickly, so it’s a special kind of frustrating that there are all these things holding you back.) For this reason, I recommend saving your game before you drive anywhere. On the other hand, once you’ve reached the first (and obvious) ending, you may want to start over and pay more attention to things.

Seriously, the game should take under 10 minutes to run through all the endings (that I know of, anyway). If you have a couple of minutes, I think it’s well worth it :)

I also played another of Adam’s games, I-O, which has the lovely subtitle of “jailbait on the interstate.” I wasn’t as impressed with this one, though. *shrugs* The beginning is kind of cool, and you have to really think out your actions because you only have a limited number of turns. There are some other bits later on that I liked, but overall.. eh. The successful ending I managed to reach was pretty lame. If you decide to play, I suggest saving early and often.


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